Passive Income November 2017

It’s time to summarize our passive income from November. It totaled $1,069.73 and came to us from four main streams: dividends, private mortgage, rental property, and lending loop. Comparing to October income, $921.12, this is 13-percent increase. We have recently started receiving income from private mortgage. The amount from dividends was less because only seven companies paid us in November.

We are excited to see that our monthly passive income, now well distributed among different equities, has passed $1,000. We expect all our coming monthly income to surpass $1,000. Within approximately three years of investing, we have reached this amount of passive income. Future income looks even brighter because all received passive income is directly reinvested using tools (e.g., a dividend reinvestment program), buying new positions in equities that we find potentially beneficial, and lending money to more companies on lending loop.

Here is a breakdown of our November income streams:


We received $351.60 in dividends from 7 companies.

wdt_ID Stock Dividends Tax
1 EMA 74.01 CAD Taxable account. Canadian company.
3 CUF.UN 29.26 CAD TFSA (no tax)
12 NA 59.74 CAD TFSA (no tax)
6 PSK 6.25 CAD TFSA (no tax)
8 DRG.UN 19.68 CAD TFSA (no tax)
9 RY 116.48 CAD Taxable account. Canadian company.
11 AT&T 51.23 USD Taxable account. It is after 15% tax.

Lending Loop

We received $89.92 from profit lending to small businesses on Lending Loop this month. Currently, we are lending to twenty-one companies, and our yield is 11.1 percent. Of course, the higher the risk, the higher the  return, and this is why we invested less than 7 percent of our overall portfolio in Lending Loop. All companies we lent to are not in charge-off (i.e., when the Lending Loop team determines that the debt is unlikely to be collected).

If you would like to utilize this type of investment at no cost to you, I will earn a referral fee if you use the  link Lending Loop.

Private Mortgage

Our private mortgage income was $358.89 from the $100,000 we invested. This is profit before taxes. To minimize taxes, we will contribute to our registered retirement savings plan accounts, where money will grow tax-free until we withdraw it.

Rental Property

Business is as usual here. To compensate on the strata management fee increase, we decided to increase our monthly rental payment by $50. So starting in January, our tenants will pay $1,500 monthly. Now it seems that the strata management fee will increase a little every year, and we will have to pass it onto our tenants.


Excitement! Excitement! Excitement! It works for us and will work for everyone else! Start saving and continue investing, and you will see the fruits of it like we do with our monthly passive income. Soon it will even cover our townhouse rental expenses.




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