We are a regular family that wants to secure its financial future. For us, a secure financial future means that our passive income covers all of our expenses. To create that future, we will use all possible passive income streams, which will allow us a comfortable and possible early retirement.

We are not financial experts, but we have always had a passion for finance, stock shares, bonds, real estate, and anything that can generate an additional income stream. We do not believe in a quick way to get rich but we do believe in long-term investment.

This blog is about our path to financial independence, which relies on passive income streams. In our opinion, it is impossible to talk about financial independence without having a regular passive income. Our goal is to have enough cash flow generated from passive income steams to cover our family’s living expenses.

We like our current jobs in engineering and marketing, and the only drawback is the lack of free time, which we aim to increase by having enough passive income. Time has importance, not luxury cars, expensive clothes and an expensive lifestyle. Time spent enjoying life with our family is what is truly important.

After trying to time the market buying stocks, we came to the conclusion that it would not work over time. Additionally, it is not and predictable income. We slowly moved our focus from stocks technical analysis to company fundamental analysis, which really shows the strength and weaknesses of a company. Investing long-term has become our main strategy to achieve financial independence.

To achieve a goal, you first need to have a plan. Second, you need to stick to the execution of the plan. Both our financial plan and its execution will be tracked on this blog.